11-13-15 … Oh my Friday the 13th???? LOL

I have to shout out from the roof tops a warning–there will be some very ugly dancin’ going on next Tuesday the 17th! …. Easton’s Everything releases then, it’s book # 6 in the Finding Perfect series. I had blast — and a difficult time writing this guy!

Easton himself, he was already defined in Drew’s book. As Hope’s bossy cousin, I already knew his personality through and through. However, I have a VERY close friend, (think sister close!) who asked if she could be in Easton’s book after I showed her the model shot I’d chosen for his cover. I thought she was joking! Oh no! Jessica was NOT!

And so Jessica Pierce (I did change her last name) was developed. Do you have any idea how hard it is to write romantic scenes when picturing a real person? — (Smirk—moving on to evil giggles) EXACTLY!  I hadn’t even used a name of someone I knew, let alone actually make her my main character! Oh…but Jessica Pierce came to life! And she became the one person, on a romantic level, not afraid of Easton, not afraid to take him on, sass him or plain just piss him off. — I love her!

I hope you all will find their story filled with fun, humorous and sexy banter. I want you to enjoy their journey and I can’t wait to hear what you think! Have a great weekend and please keep coming back to the website. Now that Easton is releasing I have a bit more time to devote to this world. I want to keep adding new facts and fun things for you all. If there ever anything you want to know about the books, the characters, the future stories…ask away! amy@amygregoryauthor.com I’ll answer! Have a great weekend!


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