Shit! I lost my music! …. I yai yai!

I have said repeatedly in interviews how important music lyrics are to me when writing. I have to have total silence while writing, BUT!!!!! But listening to country music is what inspires a good eighty percent of my stories. One lyric my be the kernel I need for a scene, a character’s background, or hell–the whole damn book!

I often tweet out artists and songs I’ve depended on, and I was going to make a page here on the site and list each one out with the book I needed them for. But well, apparently in the last phone upgrade–that note was lost in the cloud, cyber world, who knows!

I have a pretty good idea of what songs are with what book, and I’m going through my hundreds of iTunes songs and all the artists to rebuild that list for you all. I’ll get it up and to you as soon as I can, but ugh! Technology bit me in the ass! See—-this is why I’m a paper girl! ( Or as husb said, I’m a legal pad girl in and iPad world )…. LMAO……

Hugs, A

Don’t forget!!! Tues!!!  Easton’s big debut! xoxoxox

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