Here we go!

Due to overwhelming response, I’ve decided to move forward with my seventh book in the Finding Perfect series. Follow along with me as I write, from the beginning, Jeff’s story. Under the tab for Jeff, you’ll see notes I make about the characters, some of which make no sense : ) feel free to ask. And yes, when he is completed, I will send him on to The Killion Group for editing, formatting, the spine and back cover and his butt will be published as the others are. ❤

With a lot of help from my dear friends at Writerspace, we’ve got the site ready. So…. y’all ready!

And I do ask, normally I would get a book of this size written in a matter of a month or so. Two max. However, with graduation, swim season for one, final dive season for the oldest, and a fifth grader moving on from elementary school, college info overload and oh,,, work… I’m a bit slower than normal LMAO!

But hugs!


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