I’m so excited about Charming Jeff, the seventh and final book of the Finding Perfect series. He took a different direction than what I’d been expecting and I’ve found a new and exciting path. I’ve talked about it several places, so I think for fun, I’ll actually see if you notice the difference and let me know!

I have a very exciting 2017 planned! I know I personally fell in love with the Noland family from Racing to Love. After Alex’s Destiny was released, I had gobs of questions about Jack! Truth is, I wasn’t ready to leave them behind either, but the series was in control. I know, I sound like a nut bag! Hahahaa. Y’all know me by now. So guess what I am doing! I am diving into Jack’s story now. It won’t be connected to Racing to Love, it’s the start of a new series. Right now, it’s tentatively called The Noland Legacy series. ???

I’m also very pumped and honored to announce I’ll be writing a story in Mari Carr’s Wild Irish kindle world. Whoohoo! I have always loved this series!!! If you haven’t, go read them, totally amazing! I’ll get to join over a dozen other amazing authors and add to the fun. She’s in the middle of writing the next generation, January Girl was just released, so time goes on.

I have a couple of other projects planned as well, but I really want to spend (what little free time I have these days) my precious minutes with Jackson Sterling. I’m already itching to type, but I’m still picking names, locations, and figuring out who his leading lady is, what she’s all about. That’s how I roll. I get to know my main characters and then the rest just goes from there. But damn it, I can’t pin down her name!

As for conferences, I’m pleased to announce I’ll be attending two this year! (could be more, but we’ll see!) I am so excited to join Renee Vincent, Erin McCarthy and Zoe York in the Hero’s Boardroom at Lori Foster’s Reader Author Get Together!!! Then I’ll be heading to the Indie Book Fest a short couple of months later.

When you add in the day job, husb and kids, you can see how fast my 2017 is going to whiz by! Please stay tuned. Now that I’ve figured out how to get back into my own freaking website, I plan to be way more active on here! Oh, and if you’re not already, make sure you follow my contests! It’s through Writerspace.com!! They do a huge monthly drawing and you can look for me! I really try hard to put a lot of thought into my prizes I offer.

Thank you all for your continued support and loyalty! I am sending y’all hugs!




4 thoughts on “2017!!!

    • Hi hon,
      I love Caryn, especially spelled that way. However, I have a gal in Finding Perfect series named Taryn. hmmm… too close lol. I love Brie and have it on my list to use someday, but need something common. Traci is a definite possibility though!


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